Episode 52 – Agnieszka Bagińska

Bicycle Touring Adventures All Across Europe

Episode 52 of Seek Travel Ride, features Agnieszka Bagińska who takes us along on her remarkable cycling expeditions that span the breadth of Europe. From the breezy coastlines of Poland to the remote and windswept Faroe Islands, Agnieszka’s tales are more than just travel narratives — they’re a testament to the transformative power of slow travel.

With a bike, a tent, and an indomitable spirit, Agnieszka has navigated the challenges of solo travel, braved the elements, and forged connections across language barriers and cultural divides. Her stories are infused with the kind of spontaneous decisions that turn a trip into an odyssey — a detour here, an extended stay there, and always the open-hearted embrace of whatever lies around the next bend.

But it’s not just about the destinations. As Agnieszka shares her insights into the practicalities of bike touring, from the must-have gear to the unexpected utility of a hairdryer in Iceland, listeners will find themselves equipped with the knowledge to embark on their own two-wheeled adventures.

Agnieszka shared the highlights and challenges as well from the many adventures she has taken. Her first trip in 2013 along the Polish coastline opened her eyes up to this world of slow travel. In 2021 she set off from Spain for a tour of Southern Europe. She followed this up in 2022 with a trip to Northern Europe – taking in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Then in 2023 she spent the Summer months cycling around Ireland with friends, before continuing on solo and taking the long way home all the way back to Poland.

I enjoyed chatting with Agnieszka a lot and hearing about how she approaches her cycle tours. She has learnt to balance these trips by mixing in a perfect amount of solo cycling as well as taking tours with her friends as well. 

You can follow Agnieszka’s future adventures on her instagram account – @welcomeonmybike

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