Episode 51 – Eric Lederer

Operation Fishmarket – Bicycle Touring 11,000km Across North America

It was an absolute pleasure to feature Eric Lederer for this episode of Seek Travel Ride and have him share his story and experiences of bicycle touring over 11,000km across North America.  Eric started in LA and called the ride Operation Fish m
Market – named after the dive bar which he would end his ride at in New York City.

Some common themes which came out during this discussion was centred around Eric putting his career on hold to take this journey.  We talked about what it’s like to put life on pause, and also the spirit of planning an adventure like this.  To just trust that things will work out and not needing to wait for everything to be perfect to start.

Eric also mentioned that three things were his focus for the ride – the beauty of national parks and nature, meeting family and friends along the route, and RAGBRAI! The latter did not dissapoint.

As with many other bicycle travellers, Eric couldn’t speak more fondly of the kindness of strangers who he met on the roadside.  He especially recalled an encounter with the infamous  Frank Sanders from Devil’s Tower.  We mentioned the documentary featuring Frank during the interview and you can check it out for yourself here: Frank Sander’s Documentary

Eric’s story definitely goes to show that it is ok to take breaks from the societal norms and seek out adventure which will broaden our horizon and perspectives.

To read more about Eric’s Operation Fish Market ride you can check out his blog

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