About Seek Travel Ride

Bella and Steve from Seek Travel Ride in Argeles sur Mer after cycle touring across the Pyrenees.

About us

Welcome to Seek Travel Ride, a website and podcast dedicated to cycle touring and exploring destinations on two wheels.

The site and podcast is run by keen cyclists Bella and Steve, who share their time between Australia and France. They have both been cycling for over 20 years and love the freedom and experience of being on a bike.

Bella and Steve from Seek Travel ride at the top of col de Jau while crossing the Pyrenees by bike

Our vision

The vision of Seek Travel Ride is to create an amazing community of people who love to get out and explore destinations on their bicycles. A place where people with lots of experience can share their knowledge with those looking to learn and embark on their own journey. We will achieve this through the Seek Travel Ride Podcast and the website.

Our story

Seek Travel Ride was launched in 2020 and started life as a website all about cycling in France, a place we had visited many times and loved cycling in. The site then catered predominantly to the road cycling market and people looking to cycle the iconic climbs in the Pyrenees and French Alps. In 2021, we launched a bespoke travel planning service to help others plan their own cycling holiday in France, whether it be roadside watching the Tour de France or spending time in the mountains.

In early 2023, Bella launched the Seek Travel Ride podcast, a dream she had for many years. The focus of the podcast is to share the stories of people who have, or are, undertaking amazing journeys by bicycle. As the podcast has grown over the last twleve months, the decision was made to turn Seek Travel Ride into a premier resource and community, centred around long distance cycling. This is a journey we started in early 2024 and one that will continue into the future.

The resources we have built up around road cycling in France have moved to a new site, Veloscapes Travel. This is still very much a work in progress but we are looking to develop it into a business to help anyone plan a cycling holiday to France, no matter the type or style of cycling enjoyed. There is still a lot of content to transfer from this site to the new one which will take some time yet.

We are fortunate to be able to spend our time between Australia and the French Pyrenees and are looking forward to many more cycling trips in the years ahead. We have a number of trips planned for the 2024 European summer and can’t wait to load up the panniers and hit the road once again.

Seek Travel Ride Podcast

The Seek Travel Ride podcast launched in January 2023 and releases episodes on a weekly basis.

Bella hosts this conversational style podcast and showcases the amazing stories of people undertaking adventures by bicycle. Be inspired by some of the amazing stories and the people behind them. Be sure to check out the extensive back catalogue.

Seek Travel Ride Website

The Seek Travel Ride website provides a host of information to help you plan your own long distance cyclying adventure. Including:

  • Route guides in different countries
  • Gear and equipment guides
  • Travel and other practical information

Seek Travel Ride on social media

You will also find Seek Travel Ride on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Instagram: lots of great photos of cycling destinations in France to whet your appetite and give you some ideas for your own trip

Facebook: you can follow our Seek Travel Ride business page or our Cycling in France group. Our goal is to make the Cycling in France group a great community of people to share information about cycling in France. It was only launched in early 2023 so it will take some time to build numbers. Both Bella and Steve will be available regularly to answer any questions.

Twitter: You can follow both Bella and Steve on Twitter with lots of information and inspiration about cycling in France.


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