Seek Travel Ride: The experts in planning your French cycling holiday

Planning and booking a holiday is a time-consuming process so let us give you a hand to plan your cycling holiday to France using our expertise. We offer a range of travel advisor services for you to choose from that will help you get your perfect holiday organized effectively and efficiently. We have been traveling to France for cycling holidays since 2013 and loved it so much we moved here. We have been based in the beautiful Pyrenees mountains since 2021 and have a great understanding of how things work in France. Benefit from our own experience gained over the past 10 years.

How we can help

Planning and researching a holiday can be a hassle and sometimes confusing with conflicting advice and options about locations and how things are done. Having visited and cycled in France numerous times over the last 10 years, and now living here permanently, we can take care of the planning and research aspect of your holiday for you. We have ridden in numerous cycling destinations, hired cars, traveled on trains, eaten in cafés, stayed in different types of accommodation, and learned lots along the way. As such, we are well placed to help you get the best of your own holiday and benefit from what we have learned. While we focus on cycling in France, our travel advisor services help anyone who is organizing a holiday in France, including those who have no desire to jump on a bike. We will take the stress and hassle out of your holiday planning and save you precious time.

Service offeredBasicStandardPremium
General advice and information about any aspect of your plans. We can answer any questions you might have on topics about visiting and cycling in FranceYesYesYes
One on one call – phone or zoom call. Single call or multiple calls up to time limit.1 hr2 hrs3 hrs
Researching accommodation optionsNoYesYes
Researching travel to get to France (Flights, ferries, trains) NoYesYes
Researching travel within France (Flights, trains, car hire)NoYesYes
Researching cycling guided or self-guided toursNoYesYes
Details of other activities and attractions available at your destinationNoYesYes
Creation of day-by-day itineraryNoNoYes
Creation of bespoke cycling routes with downloadable GPX filesNoNoYes
PriceFixed €50From €100From €150
Additional services
On ground assistance (phone, message app or email)N/A€100 pw€100 pw

How our travel advisor service works

We have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise about visiting and cycling in France over the past 10 years. We draw on that to help you plan and undertake your own cycling holiday. We won’t let you make the same mistakes we did on our early trips.

With all our services the ultimate decision on where to stay, what to do, and how to get to your various destinations rests with you. We will provide as much information as possible based on the research we carry out and present it to you so you can make your own decision on what works best for you. We will also, where possible, provide links to reviews so you can see what others think. We don’t make recommendations, rather we provide you with the information and our own experiences for you to make your own mind up.

Our basic service is aimed at people who are happy to do the bulk of the work themselves but would like to chat with someone about specific aspects of their trip. It is much easier and quicker to speak to someone with the knowledge as opposed to trawling various websites to get an answer. You may want to know things such as, what it’s like to drive in France, how do toll roads work, is it safe to cycle on the roads, where is the best place to stay to visit the Pyrenees etc. etc. For our fixed price you get up to an hour of our time to help you with your planning and questions. This can be in a single call or multiple calls up to the time limit.

Our standard travel planner service is aimed at people who wish to hand the bulk of the research and planning of their French holiday over to us. After understanding what type of holiday you are after we will present you with all of the information you need to book your holiday. This will include options on how to get to France, choices for hotels at your chosen destination, how to get around France, cycling options, other activities, and experiences as well as multiple calls to discuss the holiday in detail. You will be responsible for making the actual bookings yourself but we will provide links to all service outlets for you to do so.

Finally, our last option and premium service offer everything contained in the options above plus a detailed day-by-day travel itinerary and ride routes tailored to your personal requirements. Ride routes will be supplied both online and as GPX files for you to download to your own devices for navigation.

We also offer an additional service for assistance while you are in France. For a weekly fee, you will have access to our personal mobile number should you have any questions that need to be answered. Invariably you run into situations you did not think of and this service allows you to “phone a friend” and resolve the issue nice and quickly so you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

Getting started

The first step in getting started with any of the options is to send us an email so that we can schedule our first call and get the process rolling. Please send an email to to get the ball rolling. If you have any questions about the service or how we can help, please include that in the email. You will receive a response to your request within 24hrs.

Travel advisor pricing

Fees for the basic travel advisor service are fixed at €50 while fees for the other services depend on a number of factors. For example length of trip, the number of people traveling, the number of locations to be visited, and how much you would like us to undertake for you. Fees for the Intermediate service start at €100 and fees for the premium service start at €150. As a guide, the base price covers 2 travelers for up to a 7 day trip to a single location.

Our on-ground assistance service is fixed at €100 per week and is only available for Standard and Premium tier clients. If you choose this option you will be sent our mobile phone details which you can use to contact us with any questions while in France.

We use a secure payment gateway to process your payment. You will be emailed an invoice for payment once we have agreed on the price for the service you choose. We will commence work on your holiday once payment is received.

Free information available 24/7

Our website has lots of free information if you prefer to look after everything yourself. Start with our Practical pages for lots of information about visiting France such as visa requirements, using your mobile phone, accommodation types to name a few. Our Destination pages focus on specific destinations with all the information you need to plan your visit to them including suggested cycling routes. We also have articles on a wide range of topics including practical tips and cycling locations. Our goal has always been to create the best resource for cycling holidays in France. We are continually adding new content and expanding the range of options on the site.

Two cyclists with Mont Saint Michel in the background

A bit about us

We love cycling in France and helping others plan and undertake their own cycling holiday to this wonderful country. We have been planning and traveling to France for cycling holidays since 2013 and are now based in the Pyrenees.

Originally from Australia, we left our corporate jobs behind in early 2020 and moved to Ireland initially, before arriving in France in 2021. We have visited various regions around France for both road cycling and cycle touring adventures. We have watched stages of the Tour de France and been challenged by the epic mountains of the Pyrenees and Alps. In 2021 we spent three weeks traveling from Dublin to the Pyrenees by bike and have plenty more adventures planned in the future.

You can expect professional and efficient service from us at all times. To give you peace of mind we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service at any stage. No questions asked.