What you need to know about visiting France

If you are planning to visit France for your next cycling holiday this page has lots of practical information to get you started. We hope to answer all the practical questions you have about holidaying in France. We cover a wide range of topics that will help everyone planning a trip as well as some cycling-specific information for those looking to see France on two wheels.

When we started planning our very first trip to France we had lots of questions. We knew broadly that we wanted to ride certain Tour de France climbs but had no idea where we should stay or what the best way of getting around was. Furthermore, there was no one site we found that had all the information we needed but lots of sites with little bits here and there. Numerous trips later we have learned a lot and within this section, you will find lots of trip planning information in the one place to help you get your own adventure to France started. Even if you have no intention of going near a bike there is lots of information for any type of trip.

We also offer a travel advisory service with a range of options to assist you to plan and get ready for your own French adventure. Since our first trip in 2013, we have learned a lot about this great country and want to share that knowledge with others. We now live permanently in the Hautes Pyrenees region of France and travel regularly around the country.

If you use Facebook then consider joining our Cycling in France group where you are free to ask questions about any aspects of traveling to France for a cycling holiday. We are happy to provide information directly, or other group members may be able to assist.

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