Planning a French cycling holiday

A successful cycling holiday to France begins before you leave home. We have put together lots of practical information to help plan every aspect of your trip.

When we started planning our very first trip to France we had lots of questions. We knew broadly that we wanted to ride certain Tour de France climbs but had no idea where we should stay or what the best way of getting around was. Furthermore, there was no one site we found that had all the information we needed but lots of sites with little bits here and there. Numerous trips later we have learnt a lot and within this section you will find lots of trip planning information in the one place to help you get your own adventure to France started. Even if you have no intention of going near a bike there is lots of information for any type of trip.

Practical Information

Cirque du Gavarnie

When is the best time to go?

A weather station with different instruments in France

What is the weather like in the different regions?

Brantome France

What different types of accommodation are available?

French crepes covered in chocolate sauce

What dining options are available?

Taking money out of an ATM in France

How do I access my money and pay for things?

Blackboard showing Parlez-vous Francais? France

Do I need to know how to speak the language?

France Mobile phone screen

Will my phone work in France?

Blood pressure monitor and stethoscope in France

What if I need to visit a doctor?

Image depicting travel insurance for a trip to France

What do I need to consider in relation to travel insurance?

Travelling to and around France

Air France plane coming in to land

Which airlines fly into France from my country?

Passports with a visa stamp and ink block for France

Do I need a visa to visit France?

Cars parked outside an airport terminal in France

Where are the major international and domestic airports?

Metro station platform in France

How do I travel by train and can I get to where I want to go?

Citreon car in front of the Eiffel Tower, France

How is driving different to other countries and what are the rules?

The port of Nice in France

Where can I travel by Ferry and how do I do it?

Cycling specific

Clouds in the valley on the way to the top of Col du Tourmalet

What is cycling in France like? Where is everything located?

Wheeling a trolley through the airport with bikes packed in boxes for a trip to France

Should I bring my own bike or rent one?

Cycling group in the Pyrenees France

Should I book a tour group or can I do it myself?

Hourquette d'Ancizan cycling climb

What is riding in France like? What equipment and clothing do I need? What can I expect riding in the mountains?

Are there any cycling events to participate in?

Weekly market Sarlat

What can the non-cyclist do?

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