Episode 47 – Katja & Martin

Americas by Bike – 22,000km from South to North

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Katja and Martin about their recent bicycle tour of the Americas. They set off from Rio Gallegas in Argentina with a destination of Vancouver in Canada. A trip that took them 21 months to complete, traversing 15 countries and pedalling for 22,000kms.

They gladly shared their experiences gained from a trip so vast and it struck me that this journey would see them encounter all the different geological features. From high mountains, low plains, jungles, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, salt deserts, sand deserts, beaches – truly everything! I particularly loved learning about their experiences at the Uyuni market in Bolivia, and I felt transported to a magic place as Martin and Katja recount the vivid scenes – a real treat for all the senses.

Deciding to travel from south to north also meant they would need to endure relentless headwinds through Patagonia – which started from day 1 – could you imagine travelling at just 5kms per hour for over a month! But they persevered and didn’t give in.

I really enjoyed hearing all about how this trip unfolded and also learning how Martin shared the experiences from his previous large cycle tour, to help Katja gain her confidence and ability during this trip. It’s so clear that travelling in this manner, on a long cycle tour will be something this couple from Denmark will be continuing to do.

Links to Katja and Martin’s social channels and blogs are:
Instagram: –@americasbybike
Website: – Americas by Bike

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