Episode 48 – April Drage

Bikepacking the 2023 Tour Divide

This episode features the amazing story of April Drage – an ultra endurance cyclist who this year took on her dream race of the 2023 Tour Divide – an event that is often seen as  the premier off-road bikepacking race.  But to April this was more than just a race – it was what she termed her ‘cycling holiday’ and it was a pure joy for her to ride an event that had been a goal of hers for years.

This wasn’t April’s first off-road bikepacking event – indeed, she has quite an impressive palmarès, and we spoke about her experiences of riding the Race to the Rock as well as the Rhino Run.  What was so clear to me as I spoke with April is that riding her bike in this style over long distances is a pure joy.  She is fully immersed in her surroundings and truly enjoys every moment.  Having spent two decades working as a social worker it was clear to her that she needed a change – and as April put it – bikepacking has allowed her to feel again – something she wasn’t sure was still  possible for her.

Now April is fully immersed in the bikepacking world – and a career change now sees her working at Curve in Melbourne, where she also leads weekly social rides and helps others to get into the sport. It was such a pleasure to chat with April and hear her speak so positively about how the world of bikepacking and ultra distance cycling has been so enriching for her.

You can follow April via instagram at – @AprilAWOL and if you are in Melbourne check out those social rides by Curve

2 thoughts on “Episode 48: April Drage”

  1. Hi Bella, I very much enjoyed your interview with April Drage.
    A question I have for April that might be of interest to others is if she would share the specifics of her riding boxers. She mentioned they are bamboo. I have been riding with merino and they are more abrasive / coarse than I would like. It is not easy to find boxers suitable for women and though I like the shape of the men’s boxers I have found, I don’t like the fabric and am keen to find some bamboo ones to try. There are many on the market but if another woman has found a make that works for them, I would like to know.
    Thanks for your podcasting.

    1. Hi Jen – I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with April. I’ve asked her your question about the silk boxers and she has said the brand of bamboo boxers she uses is called Step One. She also has a brand a friend uses which are called Skimmies – those ones are seamless boxers but not bamboo. Hope this helps!



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