Episode 43 – Graham Coult & Charles Henderson

Grandfather’s Footsteps: Bikepacking a WWII POW Escape Route

When Graham’s grandfather escaped from a WWII POW camp, he could scarcely imagine his grandson would one day bike the entire route in his honor. But that’s just what Graham and his friend Charles set out to do in this epic bikepacking adventure across Europe. During the interview we get to experience the highs and lows of their journey as they battled rain, cold, steep climbs, and dangerous traffic. Their tenacity and friendship proved to be the secret ingredient to get them to the end in Thessaloniki, complete the ride to celebrate Graham’s grandfather’s courage while also raising funds for several charities and mental health awareness.

2 thoughts on “Episode 43: Graham Coult & Charles Henderson”

  1. Bella, thanks so much for covering our story and to give us the chance to share the stories. It really was a pleasure to talk with you, so much fun to reminisce.

    Warmest regards


    1. Thank you so much Graham – was a real pleasure to share your experiences of this adventure with our listeners.



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