Episode 44 – Rebekka Wiedener

Riding the 7,500km European Divide Trail on a Unicycle

From riding her first unicycle at the age of 10, to traversing the Arizona Trail and taking long trips around Germany and Scotland – including riding up Ben Nevis! – Rebecca Wiedener has pushed her unicycling limits. Now she’s conquered the 7,500 kilometre European Divide Trail. This is such an incredible feat and during this episode Rebecca shares what the experience of taking on the world’s longest off-road bikepacking route on a unicycle was like.

2 thoughts on “Episode 44: Rebekka Wiedener”


    Becky did an outstanding job recently on the 8000km off road European Divide Trail. This is an amazingly tough route regardless of what people say, on the rider and the machine. To complete this on a unicycle is outstanding.

    1. I totally agree David – all during the interview I was just blown away by what Rebekka has achieved. The European Divide Trail commands a lot from those taking the route on with two wheels – to complete the journey on a unicycle is something I still struggle to comprehend. She is an amazing athlete and it was such a pleasure to be able to share her story and experiences in this episode.


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