2022 airline baggage rules for bikes

Airlines luggage rules for bikes can be confusing and difficult to understand. To help you navigate the rules for the many different airlines we have done the hard work for you. If you are considering checking in your bike as baggage on your next flight then this page is for you. We have researched the rules for traveling with a bike on over 100 different airlines and listed them in the table below. See which airlines charge a fee and which don’t before you book your tickets. We have also included weight and dimension restrictions so you don’t have any nasty surprises at the airport.

You can check-in a bike as luggage on the majority of airlines. You will need to pay a fee on some airlines and not on others. Fees range from US$40 to US$350 and are charged for each leg of the trip. Weight and dimension limits apply. Our list below includes everything you need to know about the airline you are flying with including a link to their website.

To help you with information about flying with your bike we have written an article which you can find here. The article covers topics including airline rules explained, bike travel cases, packing your bike, dangerous goods, navigating the airport, and e-bikes.

Dimension allowances for bike boxes vary greatly depending on the airline. Some airlines quote a maximum length only while other airlines quote a linear length (W + H + L). Based on the 101 airlines listed in our table, 54 use the linear measurement, 37 do not specify limits, 8 use length and 2 have no limits on size. Bike box dimension allowances based on linear range from 158cm to 320cm while those based on length only range from 180cm to 277cm. For those airlines that do not specify dimensions, we recommend contacting them directly before you book to clarify.

Before you dive into the table read the definitions of what each of the columns means.

Airline name – click on the link to be taken to the airline website page that includes the bike rules.

Bike allowed free if with luggage allowances – this column identifies whether an airline charges a separate fee for bikes. Remember that for the bike (or any luggage) to be considered free it must be within the allowed weight and dimensions. If it is outside of these then normal excess baggage fees will apply.

Fee (per leg) – this is the fee that will be charged for your bike. You need to consider that this fee is charged “per leg” so the fee will be doubled for a return flight.

Maximum dimension allowed for bike bag – this is designated as either linear or length. In the case of linear, you need to add together the length, height, and width of the bag/box and ensure it is less than the amount set. Where the limit is based on the length you need to make sure the longest side of the bag/box does not exceed the limit.

Maximum weight allowed for bike – airlines set a maximum weight allowance for bikes which is set out in this column. The maximum weight for any single piece of luggage is 32kg and anything over this weight will not be accepted even if your total luggage allowance is above this. Some airlines set a maximum limit for bikes at 23kg even though an economy fare will allow you 30kg which is something to keep in mind.

Pre-booking required – there are quite a number of airlines that require you to advise them if you are planning on bringing a bike. Some require this at the time of booking while others stipulate it must be completed within a certain period of time prior to travel. If you do not do this your bike won’t be allowed on board.

By clicking on the + button next to the airline name you can see the luggage allowances based on the fare type. Where an airline charges a fee for all luggage the columns are blank.

This table was last updated in January 2022 and is reviewed every few months. Please ensure you check with the airline directly before you book your travel to confirm that the rules have not changed.

2022 Airline luggage rules for bikes