Evoc Bike Travel Bag review, our thoughts 9 years on

We have been using the Evoc Bike Travel Bags since 2013 and wanted to share our thoughts on them for anyone considering purchasing a similar bag for their bicycle. Over that time we have taken it on numerous trips overseas and we have lent it to friends for their trips as well. So they have definitely been well used over that time period. They even spent 3 months on a ship when we moved from Australia to Ireland in 2020 without issue.

Many reviews online showcase the latest releases from various manufacturers and talk about the benefits and downsides of what is being reviewed. Few reviews look at a long-term period and that is where this is different. We wanted to show people what these bags look like after being used for 9 years and traveling many times. Bike travel bags are not cheap, so it is nice to know what you can expect in the long term for the purchase.

evoc bike bags

Our recommendation

To cut straight to the chase we would definitely recommend the Evoc Bike Bag to anyone considering one. We have always found them a great asset when traveling and our bikes have always come out of the bag the way they went in. There is minimal disassembly required, it is a matter of removing the wheels and securing the handlebars at the side of the frame. We found we can have the bikes packed in the bag and all ready to go in about 30 minutes. This includes covering the frame with a protective covering and removing the pedals and rear derailleur when necessary.

The bags are nice and easy to maneuver and have a nice wide wheelbase which makes them very stable. There are multiple handles which makes it easy to grab something to pick them up when you need to pick them up to load. Your bicycle wheels are well protected by round plastic battens and this adds an extra level of protection to the bicycle as well.

Our thoughts on the Evoc Bike Travel Bag

  • Year model: 2013
  • Model name: Evoc Bike Travel Bag
  • Weight: 9.1kg
  • Dimensions: 138cm x 85cm x 39cm
  • Folded dimensions: 138cm x 39cm x 25cm
  • Bicycle types: Road, gravel, and mountain bike (We have used them for road and gravel bikes)

What we like about the Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Here is a list of the things we really like about the Evoc Bike Travel Bag that we have experienced and observed over the years. You will see that this list is by far greater than the things we don’t like about them.

  • Easy to pack. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish to get the bike ready and all secured in the bag ready for transport.
  • Minimal dismantling of the bicycle is required. Remove the wheels, remove the handlebars and attach to the frame and you are good to go. The seat has to be lowered but can remain in the seat post. Pedals can remain on the bike although many airlines request that you remove them.
  • Fitting the bike inside the bag is nice and easy. There are straps and ties to secure the bike within the bag which can be adjusted to fit different types of bikes.
  • The zipper bodies have a space so that you can lock them closed. We usually use a zip tie when we travel.
  • There are two pockets inside the bag as well as an external one to store things like pedals and other smaller items.
  • Walking with the bike bag is nice and easy and they are generally very stable with the wide wheelbase and roller wheels.
  • The bikes are well protected inside. I watched (in horror) my bike fall about 2m off an aircraft loading ramp onto the concrete below. When I opened the bag everything looked as it had when I packed it and both wheels and bike were in perfect condition.
  • Being a soft-sided bike travel case, you can remove the battens and fold them down when not in use to save space. This can come in handy when you are in a hotel room and don’t want a big case in the way.
  • There are 8 handles on the exterior of the case that makes lifting the case nice and easy to do.

What we don’t like

In all honesty, there are no items that really stand out as things we do not like about the Evoc Bike Travel Bag. The things on our list here are more suggestions for improvements rather than reasons not to purchase one. By far the positives outway these few minor items. I would also point out that the latest release of this model has been redesigned and some or all of these issues may have been addressed.

  • Lack of support across the top of the travel case. The top section has bent over the years and in my mind could do with a little more strengthening. It does not impact the function of the case but could be improved.
  • Two of the structural rails underneath one of the bags pulled away from the base on our first trip. They are held to the base by small rivets which may not be strong enough to hold them. It was easily fixed with a couple of small bolts and there have been no issues on any of the other rails on either case since. This could have been caused by improper handling at the airport rather than the case itself.
  • Support block for the bottom bracket. The bike sits on its bottom bracket on a padded support within the bike case. We have found it has a tendency to want to slip off and twist out. Evoc does offer an alternative solution for road bikes by way of a frame that attaches to the front and rear dropouts which would solve this issue. The frame is an additional cost and we have not purchased one.


We have found the Evoc Bike Travel Bag to be a well-designed and manufactured bike travel case that we have no hesitation in recommending to anyone considering a purchase. Both cases have stood up to the rigors of airports, shipping companies, and vehicle transport and have many years of life left in them yet.

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