Vaude Aqua Pannier review

This is our Vaude Aqua pannier review which we have owned for the past 12 months. We have used them for both cycle touring and commuting over that time period. If you are considering purchasing these panniers read on and see what we think.

We purchased our Vaude Aqua rear pannier bags in August 2021, primarily for a three week cycle touring from Cherbourg to the Pyrenees. After undertaking numerous bike packing trips with bike packing bags we had come to the realization that we needed panniers for this trip. Why? Well for starters our plan was to camp and after a trial run in Ireland the only way we were able to carry everything we wanted using the bags we had was to wear a backpack and we did not want to go down that path. Given the length of time on the road and the distance we wanted to cover, we needed to make sure we were as comfortable as possible and panniers were the ideal solution for us.

Since purchasing the panniers, we have not only used them for our three week cycle touring trip but also on a daily basis to shop. Since arriving in France we have not had a car so all our weekly grocery shopping has been undertaken by bike utilizing these bags. We feel, therefore, that we have really tested the bags out over a good length of time and in different conditions to be able to produce this review to help you with your own decision.

Our recommendation

So far we have been more than impressed with the Vaude Aqua panniers and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else who may be considering them. The panniers are nice and easy to load onto our pannier rack and hold more than enough gear for your cycle touring adventure or daily commute. Between the two of us, with four panniers, we can comfortably fit our weekly shop into them with some room to spare.

The carry straps, that come standard with the panniers, are great when you need to carry the panniers away from the bike. Whether that be up to a hotel room or around a supermarket they are a welcome addition. We have ridden with them numerous times in wet weather and have never had any issues with leakage into them. The roll-down closure is great as it adapts to the amount of luggage you have with you and ensures it stays nice and dry. The additional pockets on the outside are very handy for bits and pieces you might need to access regularly.

Vaude Aqua panniers in detail

Key Features and specifications

  • Year model: 2021
  • Model name: Vaude Aqua Plus
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Weight: 1.06kg each
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 31cm x 31cm
  • Maximum loaded weight: 12.5kg
  • Volume: 25l
  • Rack tube size: 8mm – 16mm (adaptors included)
  • Welded waterproof seams
  • Top and side clips
  • Can be locked onto your bike rack
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Spares for top and side clips

What we like about the Vaude Aqua panniers

Here is a list of the things we really like about the Vaude Aqua panniers that we have experienced and observed since owning them.

  • Easy to pack. There is a nice large opening making them easy to get stuff into and out of.
  • The clip system makes getting them on and off the bike nice and easy. They are adjustable across a wide range of bike racks.
  • The generous size means you can fit plenty into them.
  • They have always been nice and secure on the bikes and there have been no problems with them coming loose on rough roads.
  • The removable shoulder strap is great when you are off the bike.
  • They can be locked onto your bike if necessary and have space to fit a small padlock.
  • After riding in the rain a number of times the inside of the bag has always been nice and dry
  • The front pocket is great for storing items you need to access regularly throughout the day.
  • All the packaging is recyclable and the bags themselves are PVC free
  • The clips can be replaced if they are damaged or stop working.
  • After nearly a year of use, the panniers have no significant signs of wear

What we don’t like

In all honesty, there are no items that really stand out as things we do not like about the Vaude Aqua panniers. We did have an issue with the lower clip pulling out of the track early in the piece. This was probably more a case of not attaching that particular clip in the right direction rather than a problem with the bag itself. It was a one-off issue on a single pannier that we have not observed again.


We have found the Vaude Aqua pannier to be a well-designed and manufactured rear pannier. We recommend them highly to anyone considering a purchase themselves and we will be using ours for many years to come.


We hope you found our Vaude Aqua pannier review helpful in your decison making process. If you would like to consider purchasing this pannier then we have provided some links to vendors in different countries that supply these. Please note we may earn a small commission if you click on the link. This does not impact the price you pay and helps us fund this website.

For people shipping to a US address, you can purchase the Evoc Travel Bag through Amazon.

For those not in the USA you can purchase the Vaude Aqua Plus panniers through

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