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This section is where we share the things that we have found useful over our years of travel. This includes our many trips to France as well as other trips we have taken over the years. The things we recommend on these pages are websites, services, or products that we have actually used. We set out the extent to which we have used things on a case-by-case basis. We have split this section into two parts. The first relates specifically to travel products that could easily be utilized for any trips you are thinking about taking, while the second relates to cycling-based products that we have found useful while on the bikes.

We provide links to the products and services we list and do receive a commission from some of them for doing so. This is one of the ways we earn an income from the website so that we can continue growing the site and providing more information about cycling in France.

This section is all about travel products you can use to book airfares, trains, accommodation, car rental, and tours. We also include some of the hotels we have stayed at over the years.

This section is all about cycling gear that we use and think is worthy of sharing with others.

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