Cycling Cirque de Troumouse

Two cyclists descending the switchback road of Cirque de troumouse. A lesser known climb you've never heard of in the pyrenees

If you get the chance to cycle the climb of Cirque de Troumouse you are in for a real treat. This ride can be classified as a hidden gem in this part of the Pyrenees. Due to its location within the Pyrenees National Park, the Cirque de Troumouse climb has never been featured in the Tour de France. The Tour’s loss is your gain though as it is an absolutely stunning hors catégorie climb that has it all. Topping out at an elevation of 2110m (6923ft) it is also one of the highest climbs in the Pyrenees.

Cycling up the Gorge de Luz

This route begins from Argeles Gazost, although you could certainly start the ride from any of the towns between there and Luz Saint-Sauveur. Personally, we have always enjoyed the warm-up which winding through the valley and on up through the Gorge de Luz gives you. A few kilometres from Luz Saint-Sauveur you will ride past the Pont Napoléon bridge. A quick stop here affords you fantastic views of the deep, rocky gorge and valley. In the summer months, you may be fortunate to watch some people bungee jumping from the bridge!

The town of Gédre marks the start of the climb. Once you make your way through the cobbled streets and take a series of hairpin bends you will immediately take a left turn. Whilst your ride to get to this point is all uphill – the real climbing begins now.

The Cirque de Troumouse climb begins

There is no other way about it – the road to the summit is hard. Steep ramps of over 13% await you, and if you are riding this climb in the heat of summer you will be exposed to the full force of the sun. After passing through a set of toll gates (ride on through it is free to continue for those on bikes), you will start climbing the first set of spectacular switchbacks. The road is narrow and cut up and it is quite common to see sheep and cattle grazing on the pasture beside it. If you are lucky you may even spot a marmot! The spectacular views you are afforded as you gain elevation will hopefully distract you from the double-digit gradients.

Spectacular road leads to the summit of Cirque de Troumouse

A quick descent follows and as you pass a small cafe on your left, you may be hoping the climbing is finished. But the road ahead tells a different story. One final set of switchbacks and 3kms/1.8mi of climbing awaits you. From here the road to the top stays consistently between 10 – 11%. With the big rock amphitheatre looming large you will feel quite small in this stunning landscape.

A small car park at the top signifies the end of the climbing. If you feel like a short hike there are walking trails to be found at the summit. Personally, we think the views of the hairpin road with the surrounding large mountains is one of the most spectacular in the whole of the Pyrenees – make sure you take some photos!

Quick Stats

Distance: 90.6km / 56.3mi

Start elevation: 470m / 1,541ft

Max elevation: 2,110m / 6,923ft

Metres climbed: 2,218m / 7,276ft

Metres descended: 2,218m / 7,276ft

Categorised climbs: 1

Cirque de Troumouse, Pyrenees

The summit views of the surrounding mountains and Cirque is spectacular as you look out onto the high peaks topping out at over 3000m/98450ft

Food and water

There are numerous villages on the route which offer up the chance to replenish your food and water supplies. These include:

  • Argeles Gazost
  • Luz Saint-Saveur
  • Gédre

There is also a small cafe located at the base of the last set of switchbacks, just 3kms/1.8mi from the summit of the climb.


  • The feeling of accomplishment once you have ridden the impressive switchback road leading to the summit.
  • The natural rock amphitheatre of Cirque de Troumouse.
  • The spectacular descent back down the Gorge de Luz. Make sure to include a stop at the Pont Napoleon bridge.
  • If you have any energy left over, kick off your cycling shoes and go for a short hike once at the summit.
switchbacks on the road of Cirque de Troumouse. A fanastic lesser known climb in the Pyrenees

The final section of switchbacks leads to the summit.

Cirque de Troumouse

Length: 14.8km / 9.2mi

Average gradient: 6.9%

Start point: Gèdre

Elevation at top: 2,110m / 6,293ft

View looking out across the Pyrenees and French village of Gedre

The view back looking back down the valley onto the small village of Gédre.

Pont Napoleon Bridge in the Pyrenees

The Pont Napoléon Bridge is located just 2 kilometres from the centre of Luz Saint-Saveur.

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