2 thoughts on “Episode 28: Lesa Ashford: Cycling to New Horizons -14,000km World Record breaking Ride to Circumnavigate Australia”

  1. I really enjoyed the interview after following Lesa’s journey. Thankyou for acknowledging the crew too in the credits. They are gems. We are currently in a caravan trip flowing many of the roads Lesa rode on and as a cyclist, in awe of her achievement . @cyclingnomadsAustralia

    1. Hi Linda – glad you liked this episode with Lesa. She really is an inspiring person and it is quite something what she has achieved with this ride. I get the feeling this certainly won’t be the last big ride we see her do. She was really thankful for the sacrifices and assistance made by her support crew and it is only fitting they are acknowledged as well. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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