Argeles Gazost Valley loop

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This cycling route loops around the Argeles Gazost Valley on nice and quiet country roads. It takes you through many of the small villages that dot the hillsides. It’s perfect for the days you want something a little easier than the big mountains that surround you on this ride, but it is by no means completely flat. It takes you through the centre of Lourdes where there are plenty of cafés to stop in for a coffee and croissant. As with our other loops, it can be started anywhere if you are staying somewhere other than Argeles Gazost.

I love this route when I just want a quick spin without a big long climb. Without pushing too hard, this usually takes me around 2 hours to complete. The thing I love about this loop is the fact that while there are no big hard climbs, there are no long flat sections either. The road is undulating for the most part with a slightly longer climb through the villages before dropping into Lourdes.

A little tip I have learned riding this throughout the year. If it is a cold but sunny morning, the Argeles Gazost side of the valley gets the sun earlier so we make sure I head along that side first. The sun does make its way to the other side as the day progresses and usually by the time we get there it is a bit warmer.

If you are looking for other options for cycling in this area be sure to check out our Pyrenean cycling routes page. We have 40 rides listed that span the entire length of the Pyrenees and include all the iconic climbs.

Views of the Pyrenees from the town of Argeles Gazost in the Lourdes region

Route summary

  • Distance: 46km / 29miles
  • Elevation gain: 650m / 2,138 feet
  • Max elevation: 565m / 1,880 feet

Other similar rides nearby

Here are some other similar routes you might like to consider.

  • Voie Verte – this voie vert or bike path runs from Lourdes to Soloum along the valley floor. It is 18km in length and was converted from an old railway line. It is car-free along the length making it perfect for the whole family.
  • Lourdes circuit – This ride takes you out of the valley to the town of Saint Pe de Bigorre and loops back through some of the foothills. Plenty of short steep climbs along the way.


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