Cycling hotels in France: Where to stay for a cycling holiday

If you are looking for somewhere to stay on your next cycling holiday then check out our list of over 70 cycling hotels in France. These properties offer a little bit extra for cyclists and are a great way to meet other keen cyclists from across the world.

Cycling hotels in France are located across the country and especially in popular cycling areas such as the French Alps or the Pyrenees. This style of accommodation will typically include secure bike storage, bike maintenance space, bike wash areas, and plenty of local knowledge about where to ride. These properties offer a range of meal options catering to hungry cyclists. Accommodation ranges from traditional hotel-style rooms to grand Chateaux and everything in between. Many operate as ski lodges and chalets in the winter months and are set up to cater to groups visiting together.

Our aim with this list is to save you time when you are planning your own holiday to France. We have researched what is available in each area and included suitable properties on this list. There is no affiliation with any of the properties listed and properties do not pay to be included on the list.

Views of the Pyrenees from the town of Argeles Gazost in the Lourdes region

Don’t worry if staying at a cycling hotel in France does not suit your travel plans as we have found that most hotels could be considered “bike-friendly”. On our last trip, we cycle-toured for a couple of weeks and stayed in hotels along the way. In all instances, they had places for us to securely store our bikes making sure they were safe. Check out our page on the different types of accommodation available in France.

If you want to see what other people think of some of these properties then Tripadvisor is a great place to start and you will find most of them listed there.

Clicking on the name of the property links to their website and you can also filter properties by region making it easier to find the property for you.

Accommodation types at cycling hotels in France

In the table, we have specified the type of accommodation that each property offers to give you an idea of what to expect.

Hotel – typical hotel-style rooms which would include a bed and private bathroom. Depending on the size of the property you could also expect a restaurant, bar, and reception area.

Lodge – individual rooms with private bathrooms. These properties are typically large houses or chalets with dining and outdoor areas.

Bed and breakfast – known as a Chambre d’hôte in France these will be similar in style to lodges.

Self-contained – these property types will be more like a small apartment which you have to yourself. Kitchen facilities will be included.

Gîte – self-contained properties which will have kitchen facilities and everything you need to enjoy your holiday. All the properties listed in our table have indicated that they are “cycle-friendly” and as a minimum will have secure storage for your bikes and potentially other facilities as well.

Chateau – individual rooms with private bathrooms in a large chateau.

Riding options

We have included some basic information as to what cycling options are available at any given property. Many properties are what we have termed “self-guided” whereby you turn up and essentially look after yourself when it comes to riding. Properties we have designed “guided” offer guiding services whereby someone will ride with you to show you the local riding. Other cycling hotels in France offer training camps and set itineraries for guests to choose from.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for make sure you contact the owners directly who will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and see if they can accommodate them.

If you have a property in France that caters to cyclists and you are not on the list, please contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly add it to the table. There are no fees for properties on the list and it is not our intention to charge fees in the future.