Port de Castet

Castet 2

Image courtesy of: Capbourrut / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Short but steep!

This ride departs from Laruns and takes you to the summit of the Port de Castet. The official start of the climb is at the Village of Castet. This is a short climb which certainly packs a lot of punch. While the climb itself is just under 5kms long, the average gradient is 9% – with one kilometre topping out at 12%. Just remind yourself once you reach the top its all downhill back to where you started from.

Quick Stats

Distance: 30.4km / 18.9mi

Start elevation: 527m / 1,729ft

Max elevation: 869m / 2,851ft

Metres climbed: 689m / 2,260ft

Metres descended: 689m / 2,260ft

Categorised climbs: 1

Food and water

Both the town of Laruns and the village of Castet offer up good options for resupply of food and water.

Port de Castet

Length: 12km / 3.1mi

Average gradient: 9.1%

Start point: Castet

Elevation at top: 869m / 2,851ft


No machine-readable author provided. Patrick.charpiat assumed (based on copyright claims). / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)


* Enjoy the test of this punchy, short climb. Getting to the top will certainly ask questions of your your climbing legs.

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Looking down a layer of cloud in the valley from the summit of Col du Tourmalet