Lac de Bious Artigues

Le pic du midi d'OSSAU et le lac de BIOUS-ARTIGUE - panoramio

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Lofty peaks, rivers and a stunning lake

This ride sets off from Laruns leading you right up to Lac de Bious Artiques. The lake is framed by the Pic du Midi d’Ossau and is simply stunning. The climbing begins relatively quickly as you leave Laruns and work your way up the valley. As you work your way up the valley you will trace the Gave d’Ossea river all the way to the small commune of Gabas. Here the river joins up with the Gave de Bious and the gradients begin to rise. Enjoy the spectacular scenery all around as you are well and truly in the heart of the mountains.

Suggested cycling route

Distance: 37.9km / 23.6mi

Start elevation: 526m / 1,727ft

Max elevation: 1,428m / 4,683t

Metres climbed: 1,148m / 3.767ft

Metres descended: 1,148m / 3,767ft

Categorised climbs: 1

Gabas (01)

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The view looking towards the Pic du Midi d’Ossau with the village of Gabas in the foreground. The climb towards the lake continues on up the valley.

Food and water

Stock up with food and water prior to setting off from Laruns as there are no resupply points on this route. Whilst there is a restaurant in Gabas it is not often open outside of the winter ski season.


  • Enjoy a ride which traces two rivers all the way up the valley until you reach the lake.
  • Enjoy the grandest views of the Pic du Midi d’Ossau – the highest peak in the region.
Gabas 005

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After reaching the village of Gabas, you will encounter some steeper gradients. Let the magic views take your mind off it!

Climb statistics and gradient profile

Lac de Bious Artigues

Length: 17.2km / 10.7mi

Average gradient: 5.6%

Start point: Laruns

Elevation at top: 1,428m / 4,683ft

Chemin entre deux monde

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