Col du Soulor and Col d’Aubisque via Ferrières

The road of the Col du Soulor, snaking around the edge of the Pyrenees mountains

Suggested cycling route

Distance: 84.9km / 52.7mi

Start elevation: 522m / 1,712ft

Max elevation: 1,709m / 5,365ft

Metres climbed: 2,099m / 6,885ft

Metres descended: 2,099m / 6,885ft

Categorised climbs: 2

A ride of two halves and two cols

This cycling route sets off from Laruns and takes in the climbs of the Col du Soulor and the Col d’Aubisque. This is also a ride of two halves, with the first section from Laruns to the village of Ferrières being predominantly flat. Once you reach Ferrières the climbing really begins. First with the Col du Soulor.

Col du Soulor

This approach of the Soulor is the longer side. At 12km / 7.5mi in length the average gradient is 7.5%. The first third of the climb to Arbeost is slightly easier and will be a good warmup for the steeper gradients to come. The road provides you with amazing vistas across the valley, where it is possible to see the balcony road of the Cirque du Litor. After summiting the Soulor you will have a brief downhill before tracing this balcony road and beginning the climb of the Aubisque.

Col d’Aubisque

The Aubisque needs no introduction Used in the Tour de France on numerous occasions since its first inclusion in the 1910 edition its reputation precedes it. This approach of the Aubisque admittedly is the easier of the two sides. The average gradient is just over 4% with the final 3kms providing a bit more of a test for the legs as the grades hover around 8% A stop at the summit to take in the magnificent mountain vistas as well as a photo of you in front of the big bikes is almost mandatory. You will almost be guaranteed to be joined by many other riders who have made the journey up the climb as well. From the summit you have a very enjoyable descent all the way to Laruns – enjoy it!

Ferrières (Hautes-Pyrénées) 1

Image courtesy of Sotos / CC BY-SA (

The commune of Ferrières is the starting point for the climb of the Col du Soulor.

Food and water

There are a number of options for resupply along this route which include:

  • Laruns – starting point of the ride
  • Ferrières – at the base of the Col du Soulor
  • Summit of the Col du Soulor
  • Summit of Col d’Aubisque


  • A ride which takes in two famous climbs of the Tour de France
  • The balcony road of the Cirque du Litor is our personal pick for the most spectacular road in the Pyrenees
  • The Atmosphere on the Col d’Aubisque during the cycling season is always abuzz with cyclists from all over the world.
Bikes leaning against a fence at the top of Col du Soulor in the Pyrenees

The summit of Col du Soulor. From here the Col d’Aubisque is in the distance.

Climb statistics and gradient profile

Gradient profile of Col du Soulor from Ferrieres

Col du Soulor

Length: 12km / 7.5mi

Average gradient: 7.5%

Start point: Ferrières

Elevation at top: 1474m / 4,836ft

Gradient profile of Col d'Aubisque from D918

Col d’Aubisque

Length: 7.5km / 4.6mi

Average gradient: 4.6%

Start point: Cirque du Litor

Elevation at top: 1709m / 5607ft

Large bike sculptures at the top of the Col d'Aubisque

The big bikes stand proudly at the summit of the Col d’Aubisque