Food and water

There are several options for food and water along this route. This includes:

  • Sault
  • Montbrun les Bains
  • Orpierre
  • Séderon


  • The Village of Montbruin les Bains
  • Discover two categorised climbs in one ride as you enjoy a challenging ride deep into the Barronies.

Climb statistics and gradient profiles

Col de Perty

Length: 16.5km / 10.2mi

Average gradient: 4.5%

Start point: Montguers

Elevation at top: 1,302m / 4,271ft

Col de Macuègne

Length: 7.2km / 4.4mi

Average gradient: 4%

Start point: Séderon

Elevation at top: 1,068m / 3,053ft