Cycling around Lac du Bourget

Cap des Séselets, lac du Bourget (été 2016)

Florian Pépellin / CC BY-SA (

Lac du Bourget – France’s deepest inland lake

The route below will see you cycling around Lac du Bourget, a stunning lake on the edge of the French Jura and Alps. Starting and finishing in Aix les Bains the ride is mapped out in a clockwise direction, first heading towards the southern end of the lake towards Chambèry. It then travels north up the western shoreline where you will have the Jura mountains towering above you on your right. From there you then continue on around the lake, finishing back where you started from. Of course being a circuit, you can choose to do this ride in either direction. Where possible we have also mapped this route onto the cycling greenways so there will be stretches without cars.

Quick Stats

Distance: 52.5km / 32.6mi

Start elevation: 239m / 15ft

Max elevation: 635m / 2,083ft

Metres climbed: 852m / 2,795ft

Metres descended: 852m / 2,795ft

Categorised climbs: 1

Piste cyclable à la plage d'Aix-les-Bains (été 2020)

Florian Pépellin / CC BY-SA (

This route incorporates some of the cycling greenways which are to be found around Aix les Bains.

Food and water

Food and water resupply can be found at numerous villages which are dotted along the shoreline of the lake. These include:

  • Aix les Bains
  • Bourget du Lac
  • Bourdeau

• Conjux

  • Chatillon


  • The entire ride you will be treated to stunning views of both Lac du Bourget as well as the towering peaks of Mont du Chat and Grand Colombiere.

  • Enjoy a steady climb through the small village of Bourdeau – a swim in the lake afterwards may be on the cards!

  • Detour off the route to see one of the most visited sites of the area – the Abbaye d’Hautecombe.
Abbaye d'Hautecombe côté lac (2018)

Florian Pépellin / CC BY-SA (

This route will take you by the famous Abbaye d’Hautecombe which lies on the shoreline of Lac du Bourget.

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Cycling around Lac du Bourget is just one of many great cycling routes near Aix les Bains which you can enjoy. This area of France is very popular with cyclists year round owing to the great weather and variety of terrain on offer.

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