Cycling route – Hautacam, Lourdes loop

This cycling route starts in Argeles Gazost and takes you along the valley back roads to Lourdes before heading back along the other side and up Hautacam. After descending Hautacam you complete the full loop of the valley as a wind-down before finishing back in Argeles Gazost. If the legs are not feeling up to it you can return directly to Argeles Gazost at the bottom of Hautacam. This will cut about 12km from the total distance.

This route is designed to give you a bit of a warm-up before hitting the slopes of the Hautacam. There is a little bit of climbing through the villages of Ossen, Ségus, and Omex before dropping down into Lourdes and back towards the base of the Hautacam on undulating roads. Once you hit the turnoff for Hautacam the hard work begins until you reach the summit. We think this is one of the hardest climbs in the area and most people we speak to agree with that opinion.

For all the details on Hautacam be sure to check out our pages which include all the information you need about this climb.

Route summary

  • Distance: 78km / 49 miles
  • Elevation: 1 877m / 6 157 feet
  • Start town: Argeles Gazost
  • Alternative start towns: Lourdes, Saint Savin, Pierrefitte Nestalis

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