Experience these amazing things to do in the Pyrenees

Planning a holiday to the French Pyrenees and trying to work out what sights and activities to take in? We have put together this handy list of top Pyrenees experiences not to miss out on. From enjoying the natural beauty of a hike in the mountains, to the surge of adrenaline of bungee jumping off a historic bridge, there is something for everyone here.

Hike to the base of France’s highest waterfall at Gavarnie

The village of Gavarnie is set amongst one of the most stunning backdrops in France. The Cirque du Gavarnie sits proudly behind the village as natures natural rock amphitheatre and is a real sight to behold. It is a UNESCO world heritage sight and one of the main attractions to see for people visiting the Pyrenees. At an altitude extending to over 3000m in elevation the Cirque is also the location of the highest waterfall in mainland France – the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie.

Whilst many people will visit the Gavarnie village and enjoy a sedate stroll by the ice blue waters of the Gavarnie river to marvel at the waterfall from a distance; we think the best way to experience it for yourself is by hiking to its very base. From here you will hear the roar of the water and feel the rush of power it creates as it hits the ground below. Then of course there is that amazing view you get when you turn back around and look towards the village of Gavarnie from where you have hiked. A definite 10/10 experience.

Take in a birds eye view and paraglide over the valley

We often say there are no bad views here in the Pyrenees, with impressive mountains, rivers and quaint French villages at every turn. But perhaps one of the best vistas is that offered to you from the air. The lift offered along the mountain ridges provide the perfect conditions for paragliding. As such you will find a few paragliding schools offering tandem flights in various valleys throughout the Pyrenees. If the thrill of running off the side of a mountain and then soaring gracefully above the valley is something you are interested in then you can certainly consider this activity on your next holiday.

The village of Aucun in the Hautes Pyrenees also plays host to the annual Fete du Ciel which runs over two days in September. It is quite a spectacle to see so many paragliders take to the air from their launching spot on the Col du Couraduque. The event will again be run in 2023 from 9 – 10 September.

Hire a bike and take on one of the climbs of the Tour de France

The Pyrenees mountains were the first to feature in the Tour de France in 1910. Back then the roads were made of dirt and the bike wheels were constructed from wood and only had two gears. Can you imagine the effort required to get to the top? If you are a keen cyclist then hiring a bike and riding a Tour de France climb in the Pyrenees is an experience not to miss. From June through to the end of September the region turns into a cycling mecca and many people take to two wheels to test themselves against the mountain roads.

Thankfully bike technology has come a long way since 1910 and you can readily hire lightweight carbon fibre road bikes which will make the challenge more achievable. If you want to experience the mountains but aren’t sure you have the fitness then you can even consider hiring an e-bike for that little bit of extra assistance. Indeed one of the hardest decisions to make will be which climb to take on. For some help in choosing you can check our list of rides to cycle in the Pyrenees.

A group of cyclists posing for a photo at the top of Col du Tourmalet
Cycling is all about getting a group of friends together and having a great time

Explore the medieval Cathar castles

Ever marvelled at old castles and wondered about their history? Well why not go that step further and take in some of the Cathar castles in the Ariege Pyrenees. Base yourself in the beautiful town of Foix and you will be in walking distance to the Foix castle which dominates the town with its three impressive towers. This castle has been perfectly preserved into a museum. With the help of actors dressed in medieval costume, a tour of the castle is a real immersive experience transporting you straight back to the middle ages. If you are visiting as part of a group you can even choose the Escape experience whereby you have one hour to piece together clues to find the hidden treasure.

The Cathar castle at Foix with its distinct three towers. can be seen sitting prominently above the town of Foix in the Pyrenees.
The Cathar castle at Foix with its distinct three towers. can be seen sitting prominently above the town of Foix in the Pyrenees.

Located just a short drive from Foix is one of the most famous Cathar Castles that of the Chateau du Montsegur. Indeed the original castle was razed to the ground during the siege of 1244. Its history leaves for grim reading with 205 Cathar followers choosing to be burnt to death rather than renounce their religion. The Castle has since been rebuilt and you can take a 30 minute hike to visit this site for yourself. Located at the top of the Pog du Montsegur, the castle has quite a commanding view.

See the night sky like never before with an overnight stay at Pic du Midi

There are few places which offer a better view of the night sky than the observatory at the Pic du Midi in the Hautes Pyrenees. At an altitude of 2877m above sea level it is ideally located at the heights of the mountain range and offers a view devoid of light pollution. But did you know you can organise to spend the night for an evening of star gazing like no other?

This experience includes the return cable car trip from La Mongie resort all the way to the observatory itself. The schedule is set out so you will arrive just before sunset to see the close out of the day. Then you are served up a dinner based off the traditional local cuisine. After this a guided tour at the observatory awaits, where you will be amazed at the clarity of the night sky that is afforded you thanks to the 400 mm Smith-Cassegrain telescope. In the morning you can wake early to enjoy the sunrise.

Then after breakfast you will be taken on a guided tour of the domes which is available only exclusively to the overnight guests at Pic du Midi. It truly is a unique experience offering up some of the best views not only of the Pyrenees but also the solar system.

Top Tip – If this overnight stay at Pic du Midi is something you wish to experience then be sure to book ahead. Due to the limited number of rooms available, you will often need to book months in advance of your stay to ensure you don’t miss out.

If you have no luck with a booking don’t despair – the view from Pic du Midi during the day has to be one of the best on offer in all of the Pyrenees and is accessible year round. You can find more information about this experience directly at the Pic du Midi website.

Experience the thrill of a 70m bungee jump from Pont Napoleon

Visiting the Pyrenees and looking for a hit of adrenalin? Then perhaps taking the plunge of bungee jumping off a bridge is for you. Located just a few kms south of the small town of Luz Saint Saveur is Pont Napoleon. The historic bridge was built in 1863 and spans across the magnificent Gave du Gavarnie river. It’s from here that every Wednesday in July and August as well as select weekends throughout the year you can book in for this bungee experience. The jump itself is 70m and no doubt that feeling of free falling through the air will take your breathe away.

The Pont Napoleon Bridge – for the adrenaline junkie you can sign up for a 70 m bungee jump to the river below!

Enjoy a day of rock climbing in the Vicdessos valley

If you enjoy sports climbing or bouldering than be sure to check out some of the crags on offer in the Ariege. Located just a short drive from the beautiful town of Tarascon sur Ariege in the Vicdessos valley, you will find over 200 routes to explore. The granite cliffs nestled close to the small village of Auzat provide the perfect playground to test yourself on. With routes graded from 3 all the way to 8a there is something here for all levels of experience. There are information boards at the carpark entrance which have more detail about the area and climbs on offer.

If you’d rather mix in some hiking with your climbing then why not try out the Via Ferrata course instead? The views here are phenomenal as you make your way up the rocky face leading towards the magnificent Mont Calm. This is an experience available year round and to people of all ages and regardless of their climbing experience. You can discover more about the Via Ferrata in Vicdessos here.

Explore the caves of Niaux and be transported back to the paleolithic times

In a small valley west of Tarascon sur Ariege you will find the Niaux cave. Indeed, as you travel along the valley road if you look up you can see it’s big gaping entrance perched high up on the side of the mountain. What sets this cave apart from the numerous others in the area is the historic cave drawings which have been perfectly preserved inside. This artwork has been dated back to the paleolithic era some 14000 years ago. It’s almost hard to fathom that kind of history.

Today you are able to go on guided tours through the cave and learn about the history which lies inside. The 1hr 40 min tour is led by torchlight and culminates in getting to an area of the cave referred to as the salon noir. This is where there are over 100 cave drawings to look at most of which depict animals. In order to assist in preserving the drawings group sizes to the caves are limited as is time spent in the cave itself. The guided tours are run three times a day, year round, but due to the visitor entry restrictions we definitely advice you prebook your visit.

The Ariege Tourist information site has more information about the Niaux caves . From there you can also check out the guided tour schedule and book your spot directly.

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