Col de Marie Blanque (Bielle Approach)

Col de Marie Blanque – western approach

From the start point of Bielle, the climb to the Marie Blanque is just over 11km in length. The first two-thirds of the climb is quite regular in terms of difficulty with the gradient hovering around the 7% mark. There is also a nice section in the middle that provides you with some good recovery which is always welcome on a climb. This is definitely the easier of the two approaches of the Marie Blanque and will provide you with a distinctly different climbing experience than the western approach.

Quick Stats

Distance: 69km / 58mi

Start elevation: 527m / 1,729ft

Max elevation: 1,035m / 3,396ft

Metres climbed: 1,423m / 4,669ft

Metres descended: 1,423m / 4,669ft

Categorised climbs: 1

Food and water

Top up with food and water in the town of Bielle before you set off to tackle the climb.


*Enjoy this ‘easier’ approach to the summit of another Tour de France regular.

Col de Marie Blanque via Bielle

Length: 11.1km / 6.9mi

Average gradient: 5.8%

Start point: Bielle

Elevation at top: 1035m / 3396ft