Is it safe to travel with my bike in a cardboard box?

Yes. It is safe to travel with your bike in a cardboard box. Of course this will also depend on how well you pack your bike ready for air travel. We have a whole article dedicated to using a cardboard bike box with lots more information and advice.

Can I pack bike lube in my luggage on a plane?

Yes, you can take bike lube on a plane – provided it is not flammable? To be safe check the label prior to packing and also make sure the amount meets any subsequent airline restrictions. Check out our page on travelling with a bike for more handy tips and considerations

Can I hire top end road bikes in France?

Yes, many bike hire companies offer top end road bikes hire options. These are normally available at a premium cost. We have undertaken some research on what this is likely to cost in our article about bike hire in France.

Can I hire an e-bike in France?

Yes you can find e-bike hire in France. As riding e-bikes is more popular they are becoming easier to find for hire. Our bike rental in France article lists out typical costs. We recommend pre-booking your bike rental to avoid missing out.

How far are the Alps from Paris?

The French Alps are located 625km / 388mi from Paris by car. Depending on traffic this would take approximately 6.5hrs. Our destination pages are a great guide for travel options.

How far from Paris are the Pyrenees?

The French Pyrenees are located 850km / 528mi from Paris by car. Depending on traffic this will take approximately 8hrs. By train it is almost 5.5 hours and by plane flight time is 1hr 20mins. Check our Pyrenees destination pages for details on how to travel to the Pyrenees.