Seek Travel Ride Newsletter August Edition

view of a cycle tourist about to enter a long rail tunnel on the Roger Lapébie Cycle Path


  • We are very excited to announce we have recently updated our website to now include the Alpes Maritimes as a travel destination. This area is an absolute gem when it comes to cycling with a range of rides to choose from. Whether you are seeking the challenge of a mountainous route or a ride along the stunning Côte d’Azur our rides guide has you covered with a variety of rides to choose from. As with all our destination and ride guides we have also included a list of practical information about where to stay, cycling specific providers and non cycling specific activities to explore while holidaying in this region. Discover more here.
Which airlines fly to France


  • We continuing to update our COVID-19 page as new developments arise in relation to travel to France.
  • For those of you looking to take your bike with you on your cycling holiday, we have recently included a post about how to pack your bike in a cardboard box. The cardboard bike box definitely provides you with a cheaper alternative to purchasing a dedicated bike travel bag. If you are planning a point to point tour or bikepacking trip it is also the best option as you don’t have to worry about where to store your bike bag once you arrive at your starting point. In our post we have shared tips we have learnt from using this method of packaging, including how to make the boxes themselves more durable. Check out the post here.
  • With many people having to postpone their travel plans for 2020, now is definitely the time to start planning for 2021. In our discussions with many cycle tourism operators we have seen a trend of people deferring their bookings to the following year. This will mean a lot of providers are already well on the way of being booked out. If you are looking to book a trip for next year check out our listings of both cycling specific accommodation providers as well as cycler tour operators. There are a wide range of offerings for you to explore to suit all budgets.


cyclist riding along the coastline near Nice



Unfortunately many cycling events continue to be cancelled in France this year due to COVID-19. Since our last newsletter some of the events we listed below are no longer being held. We have updated the list below to show the current status. There are still some that will be going ahead. Click on the name for the event website.