A feature in the Tour de France 6 times, this Hors Categorie climb to the top of the Superbagnéres ski resort will be a real leg tester.

Suggested cycling route

Distance: 36km / 22.5mi

Start elevation: 633m / 2,076ft

Max elevation: 1,798m / 5,899ft

Climbing: 1,183m / 3,883ft

Descending: 1,183m / 3,883ft

Categorised climbs: 1

Food and water

Climb statistics and gradient profile

The climb to Superbagnéres begins not far from the starting point in Bagnéres du Luchon. Fill up with food and water before you set off.

Gradient profile for Superbangeres from Bagneres de Luchon


Length: 17.2km / 10.7mi

Average gradient: 6.8%

Start point: Bagnéres du Luchon

Elevation at top: 1,798m / 5,899