Episode 73 – Mark Sky

Expedition Squagua: A Cycling Adventure From Canada to Mt Aconcagua:

Imagine pedalling away from your home, with a goal so vast it spans continents, cultures, and will push you to your limit. This isn’t just a trip; it’s a life-altering expedition. Welcome to Mark Sky’s world, where he’s not just crossing borders but redefining the meaning of adventure on a journey he has dubbed ‘Expedition Squagua’.  This challenge will see him biking from his home in Squamish, Canada, all the way to Mt Aconcagua, Argentina.

Along the way Mark plans to hike the highest summit in every country he passes through and as if this wasn’t enough to push him to his limits, he also plans to paddle the treacherous waters of the Darian Gap to cross over to Colombia from Panama. When I spoke to Mark he had already cycled through Canada, the US and Central America and  he was about to ready himself for the sea kayak leg of this human powered adventure.

Mark is an experienced Adventure Racer, and I could tell that he thrives on the unknown challenges, as he says, adventure happens when things go wrong, and when we journey into the unknown. It was clear to me during our conversation that this challenge he served up for himself, needed to be one which would extend him beyond what he could consider possible. IT was so much more than just about the physicality of cycling over 24,000 kilometres or kayaking the treacherous 800 kilometres between Panama and Colombia. It’s about seeking out the unknown and embracing the unpredictability which goes hand in hand with the term adventure.

One of the biggest challenges Mark’s faces are the elements of mother nature itself. He spoke of having to cycle through the extreme heat in the desert – and the absurdity of all the while also having the equipment required to summit the high mountain peaks, packed into his panniers. But in Mark’s own words, ‘ the dream is bigger than the day’ and I’m sure listening to him talk about this challenge of his will possibly spur you on to scheme up your own adventure as well.

Be sure to check out Mark’s instagram to keep track of his progress on this adventure. @Supermarks_Adventures


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