Episode 71 – Jude Kriwald (Part 2)

Bike Touring through West Africa

What would it be like to cycle deep in a Liberian Jungle? What would it be like to be there? Well in this episode I continue my discussion with Jude Kriwald to learn more about what it was like for him as he spent 3 months cycling through West Africa.

Jude Kriwald surrounded by children during his tour in West Africa

This episode continues on from Part 1 which I released last week and went into details about Jude’s first adventure where he cycled from England to India. That journey happened over ten years earlier, so it was great to get Jude to talk about what it was like on his most recent adventure, what he had noticed changed from that first long distance cycle tour, and also what he was looking forward to most with this trip through West Africa.

Jude has a way of really taking the listener straight to the spot, and many times when he spoke I could almost put myself right there. His stories of camping at the base of a gigantic waterfall where particularly captivating and I could nearly feel the spray of the water hearing him recount the experience.

It was 7 days spent deep in a Liberian jungle which had the greatest impact on Jude. He had spent such a long time prior to this journey thinking about this very thing, so for him to actually be there, deep in the jungle, with no tracks to follow, that was the epitomy of adventure itself. As Jude says himself it was the muse of the whole trip, and it didn’t fail to live up to expectations. Each bit of forward progress was well earned, as Jude found himself deep in isolation.

Jude also documented his experiences through the power of video and I definitely encourage you to seek his YouTube videos out – available on his channel – @JudeKriwald

Since returning from his West Africa bicycle tour Jude has also set up a new initiative called Adventure Mentor. This is a way where he can share his experience to those seeking out to take on a new adventure themselves. I could tell from my conversation with Jude that he has so much to share in this space so if this is something that interests you definitely check it out – Adventure Mentor

. You can also follow Jude’s adventures via his Instagram page – @JudeKriwald

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