Episode 69- Marie-Soleil Blais

Discovering Bikepacking & Chasing the Tour Divide Race

When we think of life-changing moments, we often imagine grand events. But sometimes, it’s a simple question that can redirect our entire life’s trajectory. This is the essence of Marie-Soleil Blais’ story, which we delve into during this episode.

Bikepacker Marie-Soleil Blais racing the Tour Divide

Marie-Soleil, a former professional ice hockey player, found herself at a crossroads, recovering from an injury and listening to the Tour de France. It was then that the wheels of change began to turn, leading her to swap her skates for bike pedals.

Fast forward to 2021, and faced with the challenge of setting a personal goal, she decided to embark on a solo bikepacking adventure across Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The journey was nothing short of transformative, teaching her more about herself and what she’s capable of than she ever imagined.

Her tale doesn’t stop at personal enlightenment. This newfound passion for cycling and adventure propelled her to the starting line of the 2023 Tour Divide—an ultra-endurance race stretching from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico on the Mexican border. This race tested her limits and showcased the raw reality of an endurance ultra distance cyclist’s life on the road.

In 2024, Marie’s quest for adventure took her to Colombia, where she cycled through the land of cocoa and coffee beans, experiencing high altitude climbs and breathtaking vistas. With each pedal stroke, Marie’s life became more intertwined with the world of bikepacking.

But Marie’s journey isn’t just about her own experiences. She has taken her passion a step further by creating Women’s Ride, a project that provides resources and encouragement for women to excel in cycling.

Listening to Marie I’m sure you’ll feel the pull of curiousity to explore the world of bikepacking through the eyes of someone who has truly embraced the spirit of adventure. It’s a story of transformation, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of personal goals. If you’re seeking inspiration to push your own boundaries or simply love a good adventure story, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in and let Marie’s journey inspire you to seek your own adventure, ride beyond your limits, and possibly, change your life.

To follow Marie-Soleil’s future adventures check her out on YouTube and watch her documentary film – Chasing.  also Instagram – @MarieSoleilBlais74.

You can also find out more about her Womens Ride initiatives via her website – https://www.womensride.ca

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