Hanna & Jonas: Biking 4 Biodiversity

Imagine waking up to a frozen world where your water, food, and even toothpaste are solid ice. Now picture setting off on a bicycle, undeterred by the cold, embarking on a journey that spans 20,000 kilometers and 20 countries. This isn’t a scene from an epic movie; it’s a snippet from the lives of Hanna and Jonas, two ecologists who decided to make a difference on two wheels.

Their expedition, named ‘Biking 4 Biodiversity,’ is not just a test of endurance but a testament to their commitment to conserving the environment. As they cycle through diverse landscapes and cultures, they seek out and support local biodiversity initiatives, learning and sharing the stories of those who are making a positive impact on our planet.

Hanna and Jonas from Biking for Biodiversity at Thorang La Pass summit

Their tale is one of adventure, challenge, and hope. From frozen mornings in Bulgaria to the lush greenery of Malaysia, Hanna and Jonas have cycled through it all. They’ve encountered wildlife sanctuaries, navigated through monsoons, and found joy in the simplest of moments—like enjoying a bowl of noodle soup.

This episode of the podcast brings you an intimate look into their incredible journey. As they share their experiences and insights on the human-nature biodiversity relationship and the innovative ways locals address biodiversity issues will leave you inspired and informed.

So why should you listen to this episode? Because it’s more than just a travel story. It’s a call to action, a reminder of the beauty of our world, and a showcase of the resilience of the human spirit. Hanna and Jonas’s journey is a roadmap for all of us to follow, proving that we can all make a difference, one pedal stroke at a time.

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You can find out more about Hannah and Jonas’ trip by following their instagram account @biking4biodiversity and you can take a more in depth look at their travel and observations on their website www.biking4bidoversity.org 

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