Episode 60 – Steph Devery: Choosing Adventure on a 21,500km Cycle Tour Through 40 Countries

Imagine resigning from your job, packing up your life into panniers, and setting off on a bicycle with no set plans, just the open road and a world of possibilities. This is precisely what Steph Devery did in June 2021, embarking on a journey that would take her from Gibraltar to the southernmost point of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope. Steph dreamed up this idea of ‘doing something big’ many years prior and it was the very thoughts of taking on this adventure which sustained her through 18 months of intense work as a paramedic in London during the height of the global pandemic.

Steph’s story is not just about cycling; it’s about the essence of adventure, the kindness of strangers, and the transformative power of travel. On this episode of the Seek Travel Ride podcast, I delve into the heart of her incredible two-year and seven-month odyssey that saw her pedal through 40 countries and cover 21,500 kilometres. Steph herself says she wasn’t sure what lay ahead of her as she left Gibralter, she wasn’t even sure if she’d like cycling! But she did have an extreme sense of inner pride at setting out to do what she had dreamt up.

Steph Devery posing for a photo while on her amazing bicycle touring adenture

This podcast episode is an intimate conversation with Steph, where she shares her most harrowing moments, like waking up to the sound of lions outside her tent in the dead of night, as well as her most triumphant, like reaching the southern tip of Africa with a group of newfound friends cheering her on.

You will be captivated by the tales of travelling through Saudi Arabia – as the first Australian woman to do so no less – and the sensory overload of being immersed in the African wilderness. Not to mention the unexpected friendships that can only be forged on the road less travelled – such as her unlikely travelling companion – Monte the puppy! Steph’s nomadic life of camping under a blanket of stars and enduring all forms of weather extremes – from desert heat up to 50C to bone chilling winter weather. It really was a test of all her inner resilience to keep pushing forward.

But it’s not just the adventure that makes Steph’s story so compelling; it’s her introspective journey and the lessons learned along the way. She talks about the importance of taking the plunge into the unknown and how, despite the challenges, everything works out in the end.

As a solo female travelling in this manner is something many often class as being too risky or even dangerous. But Steph’s insights are a great counterpoint to this. As she herself said, having travelled through 40 countries now, her own experience is one of resounding kindness and she never felt at threat at being a woman on this adventure of hers. Her own wisdom borne from her own experiences, is to take on the well meaning advice from others with context, and this served her well.

If you’re seeking inspiration, a dose of wanderlust, or just love a good travel story, then this episode of the Seek Travel Ride podcast is for you. Tune in and let Steph take you on a journey that will leave you itching to saddle up and explore the world on two wheels.

Follow Steph…

You can follow Steph’s adventures via her instagram account @stephdevery or via her website  www.stephdevery.com . I have no doubt there will be many more amazing adventure ahead for Steph.

During the podcast episode we spoke about Raihan – a Sundanese refugee who helped Steph escape from Sudan. Steph was pleased to give the update that Raihan recently just arrived in Paris after being granted a scholarship to study at university for the next two years. The kindness Raihan showed Steph and the assistance she gave her to help her be evacuated by the French military is something she will be forever thankful for. The GoFundMe for Raihan is still live and accepting donations. Any assistance is still greatly appreciated and you can donate directly via this gofundme page for Raihan.

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