Episode 55: Peter Gostelow

A Lifetime of Bicycle Adventures. Cycling 145,000km through 86 countries

“Life is short and I have the opportunity to do it. I’m very aware of all the mess of things going on in different places in the world.” Peter Gostelow

In this episode I interview Peter Gostelow who shares his thoughtful musings on a remarkable lifetime of cycling adventures. With nearly 145,000 kilometers cycled across 86 countries, Peter reflects on a life spent turning the pedals, from his early days of discovery to the profound realisations of a nomadic existence. He shares the shifts in his motivations for travel, the joy of the ride, the challenges of constant movement, and the quest for community and a place to call home.

Overlooking Yamdrok Lake, Tibet while bicycle touring

We spoke about Peter’s approach to wild camping, how he looks forward to finding that magic spot each day. But also how his adventures have evolved, both with experience and the advent of technology.  Peter’s first trip long tour was taken in 2005 when he cycled from Japan all the way home to the UK.  Pre-internet, smart phone and GPS when learning about countries was only found in guidebooks and through conversations with locals. 

During the interview we delve into the essence of slow travel, as well as the complexities of building a life on the road. Peter’s candidness offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of long-term bicycle touring and the balance between the freedom of the open road and the longing for a sense of community.

Listening to Peter sharing his experiences, it was really clear to me just how integral exploring new places on a bicycle has been to him.  I spoke with Peter as he was gearing up for his next journey of cycling through the stunning landscapes of Jordan and into Saudi Arabia.

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Instagram at @PeteGost
Komoot – Peter Gostelow
Strava – Peter Gostelow

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3 thoughts on “Episode 55: Peter Gostelow”

  1. T’was a great pleasure listening to this interview. For a man that’s always on the move he’s very approachable.

    Peter’s website was a great inspiration for our recent Africa trip.

    Thanks a million

    1. Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed listening to Peter’s episode. I honestly felt time fly when I spoke with him, and could easily have spent the whole day hearing him share more from his experiences of living life in this way. Your Africa trip sounds like it would have been amazing. Would love to hear more about it. Thanks again,

  2. Johannes Basson

    Very nice podcast, I’m in the process of planning to do a long cycle tour. Cycling through many places in South Africa ????????

    Listening to Peter is very inspirational

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