Episode 49 – Viola & Jeff Baker

Bicycle Touring Across Canada. An 8000kms+ Father Daughter Adventure

It was such a pleasure to chat with Viola and Jeff Baker – a father daughter duo who recently completed a bicycle tour across Canada. They set off with their back wheels dipped in the Pacific Ocean in Bamfield, Vancouver Island and kept on pedalling west until they reached Cape Spear, on the shores of the Atlantic.

The whole trip would see them cycle over 8000kms. They’d take on the long climbs over the Rocky Mountains, and enjoy magic vistas on the large expanses of the Prairies. They camped, and were also hosted in numerous warm showers where they enjoyed the hospitality of strangers.

The idea for the trip was sparked by Viola and it was clear Jeff had no hesitation in accepting an invitation from his daughter to join her for this adventure.  At first he wasn’t certain his knees would make it all the way across, but once they reached Calgary – he was sure he could make it.

For Viola this was her very first long distance bicycle tour and from the way she reflects back on it I could see how energising the trip was. I also  really got a sense of how going on a trip of this length for this long has strengthened the bond between the two of them and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them share stories from their trip.  I’m certain more cycling adventures are ahead of them. 

You can keep up with Jeff and Viola’s future adventures via:
Jeff – Facebook and Instagram
Viola – Instagram

Viola and Jeff also fundraised for the Alzheimers Society of Canada during this trip. You can contribute to their fundraise here

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