Episode 41 – Claire Wyatt

Bicycle Touring Across Australia on the Road Less Travelled

It was such a pleasure to be able to reconnect with previous podcast guest Claire Wyatt and chat to her about her amazing solo bicycle tour of Australia. I last spoke with Claire when she was in far north QLD and she was about to embark on the most remote sections of her bicycle tour.

During our discussion Claire detailed the immense challenges she faced on her over 7 month, 15,000km route, from scorching heat to relentless winds that left her screaming into the void. But her greatest test came when a broken wrist threatened to end her trip just weeks before the finish. Refusing to quit, Claire pushed on through immense pain. Her wrist was broken, her equipment was beginning to show the signs of breaking as well – she had to tape together her shoes as her tent barely holds.Through it all, Claire’s indomitable spirit and love of adventure is what really shined through.