Non-Cycling Activities

There are many amazing sights, activities, and experiences on offer in France which don’t involve cycling. This page looks to explore options for when you are looking to have a ‘rest day’ off the bike, or indeed for other traveling companions who themselves may not be keen cyclists.

We have had some great adventures off the bike as well on our travels to France and we often say where the road ends for the bikes a new adventures starts foot. All the major cycling destinations like the Pyrenees or French Alps are also awesome outdoor adventure locations as well. You will not be short of things to do and most importantly if you have members of your group who do not cycle they will have plenty to enjoy.

A Man on the Mont Blanc hiking trail in the french alps

Off the bike

On our numerous trips, we have both enjoyed using days off the bike to explore what each destination has to offer. Whilst it may have been a cycling holiday which brought you to France, there is definitely more to the country than the amazing riding alone. A little bit of research will often open up a world of options with regards to activities to keep yourself amused.

eBikes for the ‘non-rider’

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is hiring an eBike. This allows those who may not have a high enough level of fitness, to still be able to enjoy an outing regardless. On our last trip to the Pyrenees, we had two in our group who hired eBikes so they were able to join the larger group for rides each day. This was a great way for them to be included in the day’s activities. A word of warning though – whilst a motor will help those who don’t ride a lot to still make it to the top of a big Tour de France mountain climb – many hours spent on an eBike can still be a bit sore on the posterior!

paraglider about to launch from chamonix in the French Alps

Activities and experiences on offer

Whilst we have been fortunate in that we both really love riding, we understand not every couple is like this. If you are putting off booking a cycling holiday through concern that your traveling companion won’t have anything to do whilst you are riding for hours each day, definitely think again. There are so many options to seek out regardless of whether you are after an indoor or outdoor experience. Some of the activities you can enjoy are:

  • Spending a day exploring the local village markets
  • Enjoying a day spa treatment in the older spa towns
  • Going on a food and wine tour
  • Taking a vigorous hike in the nearby national parks
  • Soaking up the Mediterranean sun on one of the many beaches on offer
  • Walking city discovery tours
  • Exploring famous UNESCO sites such as the village of Gavarnie
  • Enrolling in a French cookery course
Hiker heading towards Cirque de Gavernie

This is by no means an exhaustive list but as you can see there really is bound to be something for everyone. We encourage you to explore our Destinations pages where you will find specific ideas for the types of activities that are available in each of the regions.