Major airports in France

While the majority of people will fly into France through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris there are other major airports in France that may suit your travel plans better. You may also want to fly internally within France or to other destinations within Europe or beyond as part of your travel plans. This page lists the major airports in France to help you plan and links to their website for detailed information.

On our travels to France we have flown in and out of Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lourdes-Tarbes. Overall the airports have been efficient and our experience has been fine. One thing we have noticed about French aiports is that there are not as many shopping outlets as you might be used to seeing in other airports. The terminals are much simpler but generally have some food outlets and a few shops to browse.

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Paris Airports

There are three airports serving Paris with Charles de Gaulle being the major international airport for the country. Many of the international airlines flying to France only fly to Charles de Gaulle therefore it will be the only option you have. Even so, from Paris there are many options for your onward journey including plane, train, bus or car and the rest of the country is easily accessible.

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Charles de Gaulle

France’s major international airport is located 23km from central Paris. Trains, buses, and taxis all run services into the city. There is also a TGV station here giving you access to many onward destinations.

Access their website here.

Paris Orly

Located 13km from central Paris it caters to both international and European services. It is connected to the city via RER, Tramway, and buses.

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Located 85km from central Paris this airport primarily serves low-cost carriers and charter flights. It is connected to Paris via rail and bus services.

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Airports in the east of France

There are three main airports in the east of the country, in particular, Lyon St Exupéry, Bâle Mulhouse, and Strasbourg. In general, Lyon would be best suited for those wishing to access the alps while the other two are situated close to the Vosges Mountains and cycling in that area.

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Lyon St Exupéry

Located 20km from central Lyon the airport operates both international and European services. It is connected to both train and bus networks to central Lyon and the region.

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Both international and European services operate from here. The airport is located 10 from Strasbourg and is connected via train to the city.

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Airports in the south of France

There are two major airports, Toulouse Blagnac and Marseille, and four smaller airports, Montpellier Méditeranée, Pau, Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenées, and Biarritz in the south of the country. In general, the smaller airports are much more seasonal and operate flights within Europe only but do offer some opportunities for accessing the Pyrenées. Montpellier gives options for accessing Provence, the eastern end of the Pyrenées, and the Mediterranean. Nice serves the eastern end of the French Mediterranean.

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Toulouse Blagnac

The airport is located 7km northwest of the city and operates both international and European flights. The airport is connected by tram and bus to the city where you can connect with the main train lines.

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Both international and European services are available from the airport which is located 27km from the city center. Both trains and buses are connected to the airport.

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Monpellier Méditeranée

The flight schedules are very seasonal ordinarily peaking in the warmer months and link to European destinations only. The airport is connected by both bus and tram to the city located 7km away.

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Located at the base of the Pyreenées the airport caters for domestic French services only. It is located 10km from the city.

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A range of European services operates from the airport which is located 9km from both Tarbes and Lourdes. Shuttle buses operate to both centers.

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Located on the Atlantic coast the airport services European destinations only. It is connected by bus to the city center which is 5km away.

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French Sea

Airports in the west of France

There are two major airports in the west of the country, Nantes and Bordeaux. In particular, Nantes is good access to the Atlantic coast and places like La Rochelle and Îl de Ré while Bordeaux is another possibility for access to the Pyrenées and of course the wineries the area is famous for.

Nantes, France


The airport is located 8km from the city and caters to both international and domestic flights. It is connected by bus to the city center where you will find train and TGV services.

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Bordeaux Mérignac

Catering for both international and European flights the airport is located 12km from the city. It is currently connected by bus only to the city but an extension to the city’s tram network is expected to open in 2022 and offer an alternative to the bus.

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Airports on the island of Corsica

Used at the start of the 2013 Tour de France, Corsica is another great riding destination. It is served by two airports, Ajaccio and Bastia. Ajaccio is located in the southwest of the island while Bastia is located in the northeast and is closest to the French mainland.

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Located 5km from the city center the airport services a range of European destinations. It is the main airport on the island and is connected by bus to the city. Many of the flight schedules are seasonal in the summer months given that is when most people travel here.

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The airport connects a range of European destinations to the island and is located 17km from the city center. But, like Ajaccio, the flight schedules are generally seasonal. A shuttle bus runs between the airport and the city center.

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